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About the Company

Radisson Hotels is a renowned global hotel chain, recognized for its dedication to providing exceptional guest experiences. With a strong foothold in the hospitality industry, Radisson has always been at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that both their guests and stakeholders remain engaged and well-informed.

How It Started:

Radisson Hotels, in its pursuit of transparent and effective communication, traditionally sent out PDF playbooks to its shareholders and investors. While this method had been in place for years, it was becoming increasingly evident that the static nature of PDFs didn't provide the dynamic and real-time insight that today's stakeholders expect. The challenges were:

  • Difficulty in updating real-time KPIs on a static PDF.
  • Inefficient dissemination of critical data to a wide array of stakeholders.
  • A lack of interactivity and engagement with the content.

Our Approach

Recognizing the evolving needs of their stakeholders, Radisson Hotels partnered with LoudFace to revolutionize their playbook.

  • Strategic Development: LoudFace commenced with a deep understanding of the needs of Radisson's stakeholders. The aim was to transform the static PDF into a dynamic, real-time, and interactive digital playbook.
  • Webflow Design: Utilizing Webflow's robust platform, a responsive and intuitive digital playbook was designed. The design not only reflected Radisson's brand ethos but was also tailored to provide an optimal user experience.
  • Airtable Integration: To ensure real-time data accessibility, the playbook was integrated with Airtable. This allowed for dynamic pulling of KPIs, ensuring stakeholders always had access to the most recent data.
  • Dynamic Charts with ECharts: Leveraging the capabilities of ECharts, dynamic charts were integrated. These charts, fueled by data from Airtable, provided stakeholders with a visually engaging and instantaneous view of Radisson's performance metrics.


The transformation from a static PDF to a dynamic digital playbook was met with resounding appreciation.

  • Increased Engagement: The interactive nature of the digital playbook led to a noticeable uptick in stakeholder engagement. The dynamic charts, in particular, allowed stakeholders to grasp complex data with ease.
  • Real-time Insights: With the Airtable integration, stakeholders were assured of always having the latest KPIs at their fingertips. This real-time data accessibility bolstered trust and transparency between Radisson and its stakeholders.
  • Efficiency & Sustainability: The shift to a digital platform meant a reduction in the resources previously allocated to designing, updating, and distributing PDFs. Moreover, the move aligned with Radisson's commitment to sustainability by cutting down on paper usage.

It was very refreshing working with you compared to other agencies we're working with

Anthony Dean
Radisson Hotels Group

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