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Updated an already beautiful design with our own touch

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The client

KUNO is in the business of trust. Creating a movement in purposeful leadership through a global network of current leaders. They offer an ecosystem of educational tools, experiences, and much more. They help you develop, gain new skills and become a more purposeful and inspirational leader, while at the same time delivering to all stakeholders and having a prosperous organization that innovates and drives change.

Their challenge

We were approached to add many new elements to the website. To do this we needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing style and tonality of the design.

Our solution

By going through the entire page and letting the style and tonality sink in, our super talented designer easily integrated with the design and found creative way to add to it.

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The results

Our contributions were seamlessly integrated into the existing design and we did add our own touch to it as well. Resulting in beautiful maintenance work that made both us and the client very happy with the results.

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Can highly recommend Lykad Studios. Arnel was insightful and immediately found our brand's design language and tonality. The work was done professionally and on time. We will undoubtedly work with them more in the future.

Liselotte Hylander
Author at KUNO Leadership Community

Driven by humans

We love our work here at Lykad Studios, but getting to know the incredible people behind each organisation and seeing the impact of our services is what drives us to be even better each and every day

Arnel Bukva
CEO of Lykad Studios