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About the Company

Hoxhunt is a leading Human Risk Management platform that empowers enterprises to maximize their security ROI. With a unique blend of AI and human intelligence, Hoxhunt identifies vulnerable users and implements behavior change strategies to bolster organizational resilience against cyber threats. Their platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and training modules designed to lower risk, save resources, and change employee behavior towards cybersecurity.

How It Started:

Hoxhunt's existing website was hosted on WordPress, and while it served its purpose, the platform had its limitations. They had a vision for a more dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly website that would not only showcase their offerings but also provide a seamless user experience. They had the design ready but lacked the technical expertise to bring their vision to life on Webflow.

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The Solution
Our Approach

LoudFace took on the challenge. Our team:

  • Migrated the entire CMS from WordPress to Webflow, ensuring no data loss and maintaining the integrity of the content.
  • Built the website in Webflow based on Hoxhunt's design, making it fully interactive and responsive.
  • Integrated all the features, testimonials, case studies, and other essential elements to provide a comprehensive overview of Hoxhunt's offerings and impact.

The result was a website that not only looked great but also functioned flawlessly, offering a superior user experience.


The transition to Webflow was seamless, and the new website has been instrumental in enhancing Hoxhunt's online presence. The site effectively communicates the value proposition of Hoxhunt's Human Risk Management platform and showcases the tangible results they have achieved for their clients. The interactive elements and user-friendly design have led to increased engagement and a positive response from both existing and potential clients.

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